Oil and natural gas support nearly every aspect of everyday life in the Sunshine State. From affordable modern conveniences like air conditioning and cell phones, to providing energy for Florida citrus farms, businesses, and schools, natural gas powers life in Florida. In fact, approximately 97 percent of the state’s population lives in counties that rely on natural gas, and Florida, as a state, consumes over 1,245 trillion Btu of natural gas annually.

However, even with this dependence on natural gas, the state produces less than 1 percent of the gas it uses. Nearly all the natural gas that powers Florida comes into the state through two major interstate pipelines that deliver gas from other Gulf Coast states. These pipelines are critical for keeping energy costs low in the state.

When energy is more affordable and more available, more goods are produced, more jobs are created, more tax revenue is generated, and community programs and services are better funded.

Natural gas provides a better quality of life in Florida.

Almost every product and service that makes living in Florida more comfortable and convenient is fueled by natural gas. This includes air conditioning, cell phones, fertilizer for Florida’s citrus farms, tires, paint, and much more.

Natural gas has also proven to emit only a fraction of the CO2 and hazardous air pollutants generated by burning other fossil fuels. Clean-burning natural gas has dropped ozone concentrations by 17 percent and has led to 25-year lows in carbon emissions.

Further, it is estimated that the state saves $20 billion to $50 billion annually from the positive health care benefits that natural gas use provides. Natural gas makes the air that Floridians breathe significantly cleaner, and keeps them healthier.

Natural gas provides more affordable energy for Florida.

Natural gas and hydraulic fracturing in Florida positively impacts the availability of affordable gas in the state. Florida families are already saving $1,300 on energy costs because of the abundancy of natural gas for the state’s population. A ban on hydraulic fracturing would be economically devastating for Florida residents.

Natural gas provides better jobs in Florida.

Energy development is imperative to job creation in the state. Stable and high-paying jobs in the energy sector:

  • Contribute $12.57 billion to the state economy
  • Support 91,000 Florida jobs
  • Provide over $5 billion in direct and induced labor income

Natural gas offers Florida a simple opportunity to provide jobs, affordable energy, and, most importantly, a better quality of life, while saving consumers and businesses money.