LNG Exports

Creating Jobs and Economic Opportunities

The massive scale of U.S. shale gas supplies is fostering unprecedented price stability. This is creating opportunities for the U.S. manufacturing sector, and this growth is important to continue.  More markets for U.S. natural gas will increase production of natural gas here at home, helping to preserve low natural gas prices that allow the domestic chemical, fertilizer and plastics industries to produce products cost effectively. Exporting natural gas is an important tool in maintaining the U.S. manufacturing industry’s influence both at home and in the international market.

International Benefits of LNG Exports:

U.S. LNG exports offer an alternative and reliable energy source to the global marketplace, providing international consumers with greater choice of supply, helping to curb the use of energy as a political weapon. A commitment to a strong U.S. natural gas export policy sends a powerful signal that the U.S. is dedicated to supporting the energy security of its strategic allies. LNG exports from the U.S. will help prevent geopolitically induced supply disruptions.

Environmental Benefits of LNG Exports:

U.S. energy-related carbon dioxide emissions in 2015 were 12 percent below 2005 levels, mainly due to the increased use of natural gas by power generators. Exporting U.S. LNG will also help reduce global greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). ICF estimates that exported LNG will have GHG emissions 43 to 52 percent lower than the dominant fuel. Further, an Energy Department study concluded that U.S. natural gas consumed in Europe or Asia has lower life cycle GHG emissions than power generation from regional coal.