Where Does Natural Gas Come From?

Natural gas has existed for millions of years underneath the Earth’s core. Before civilization understood what natural gas was, it posed a mystery. The gas would seep from below the Earth’s surface and create fire when mixed with lightning strikes on the ground. In 500 BC, Chinese civilizations created crude pipelines made from bamboo shoots to transport the gas. The gas was used as a fuel source to create drinking water, by boiling sea water to separate the salt.

What is Natural Gas Used for?

There are many uses of natural gas, all of which benefit our society. From the early 19th to 20th centuries, natural gas was primarily used to power lights in buildings and on streets. Today, modern technology has allowed us expand the uses of natural gas, some of which include: Electricity Generation – The primary use  … Read more

Is Natural Gas Affordable?

Yes, natural gas offers an affordable source of energy. According to an IHS study, 800 trillion cubic feet of natural gas can be developed for around $3 per cubic foot, and America consumed 27.5 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in 2016. When you do the math, it’s clear that natural gas is a cost  … Read more

Natural Gas is Reliable

Why do we need natural gas? Natural gas works for America because it is a reliable source of energy. Think of all the times throughout the day that we rely on energy being conveniently and readily available. Every time you flip a switch to turn on the lights, press a button to turn on your  … Read more

What is Natural Gas?

To define natural gas, we must to understand what it consists of, beyond an understanding that it comes from nature. Natural gas is made up of a mixture of four naturally occurring gases, all of which have different molecular structures. This mixture consists primarily of methane, which makes up 70-90% of natural gas along with  … Read more