Natural Gas is Reliable

Why do we need natural gas?

Natural gas works for America because it is a reliable source of energy. Think of all the times throughout the day that we rely on energy being conveniently and readily available. Every time you flip a switch to turn on the lights, press a button to turn on your computer, or turn a knob to power your stove, energy is used.

As consumers, we demand that energy be available 24 hours a day, year round. But while energy use is constant, the amount of energy used is not always consistent. Consider, for example the different climates around the country and the fluctuations in energy needed to heat and cool homes throughout the year.

Maintaining the supply to meet demand requires a balance between the energy that flows into the power grid, and the energy used. We need an efficient and flexible source of energy that keeps the lights on, even when the wind isn’t blowing or the sun isn’t shining. Natural gas is the right solution to meet these needs.

The forecast for natural gas

To say that natural gas is reliable touches on a few other key points, that it is abundant and affordable. In 2016, one-third of all electricity used in the US was produced by natural gas. And the outlook on natural gas is promising. America has an abundance of natural gas, meaning generations of resources that we can extract and produce at affordable costs.